Community members and local churches team up to provide Thanksgiving dinner to 40,000 people

Hundreds of turkeys cooked in deep pits overnight

Thanksgiving is starting a little earlier this year for volunteers across Kern County who want to give back to those in need.


"On Thursday, we will help feed roughly 40,000 meals to the community," Brandon Smith, event coordinator, said.


13 local churches and over 1,000 community members prepped for their sixth annual Love for Thanksgiving. The turkeys were basted, seasoned and wrapped in foil layers on Tuesday night before they cooked in deep pits overnight.


"It's grown from us cooking around 50 turkeys to 2,100 so if that's not a testament as to what loving others as we love ourselves accomplishes, I don't really know what does," Smith said.


The food will be handed out at the Costco parking lot on Rosedale Highway on Thursday at 9 a.m.

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