Community reaches out to family who lost baby in a house fire

Collecting items to donate to the family

The victims of a house fire last week in Oildale not only lost their home, but also lost their 21-month-old child. The devastation they've endured has not gone unnoticed.

"Me and my wife have been through a lot and we really do appreciate all the good things that people are doing for us," Curtis McDonald, the father, said.

Suzanne Lange, a volunteer at the Oildale Church of Christ, is hoping to relieve some stress and pain for the family during this time of need.


"We're going to be collecting clothes and items that the family needs," Lange said.


She's hoping to collect toys for their three children, household items, clothes and toiletries.


"Just showing them that we care that's what we're doing and so if people want to drop stuff off here that's great just give me a call and I can be here to help send it on," Lange said.


Donations can be dropped off at the Oildale Church of Christ at 2912 N. Chester Avenue. For more information, please call Suzanne Lange at (661)333-7804.

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