Community reacts to alleged school shooter charges

Juvenile to be charged as adult

TAFT, Calif. - The city of Taft is still reeling from last week’s school shooting and many are speaking out about Bryan Oliver's charges.

Many residents are left wondering if Oliver should be charged as an adult and face serious jail time.

"In light of him being charged as an adult, it may give him a while to think,” said Morgan Alldredge, student.

Alldredge was in the classroom at Taft High School when the gun went off. She believes Oliver snapped under the pressure of being bullied and doesn't agree to the possible sentence he is facing.

"I don't know if he should get that long, he is just a kid and people just misunderstood him. He was really nice. The kids at school should not judge a book by its cover,” said Alldredge.

Some say the system already failed Oliver and believe the possible sentence would only make matters worse.

"I think he should go somewhere where he can get that help instead of going to jail. Because he is not going to get help there,” said Maria Laguna, student.

"I really don’t believe jail time would be a good answer to this situation. He needs mental help, he really does,” said Robert Brockett, Taft resident.

Many believe that the bullying situation at the school was a ticking time bomb and Oliver was the first one to go off.

"It will bring attention to how serious the bullying problem is. It should have never gotten this far. This all could have been prevented if people would have listened and helped him," said Angela Hayden, Taft resident.

"This situation needs some investigation into why the school did not do something about it in the first place," said Brockett.

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