Community reacts to Michael Dallas' passing


Michael Dallas, the Bakersfield boxer who affected thousands of lives in and out of the ring has passed away from Leukemia.

Michael Dallas spent years as a mentor to hundreds of local youth through The Bakersfield Police Activities League.

Daniel Alcala came to the gym as a kid looking to pass the time, but what he found in Michael was more than he expected.

"My mom would threaten me like, say she was going to tell Mike. You know, so that was one of our fears too you know because I didn't have no dad. My mom raised me by herself and Mike was there on the side,” said Alcala. 

Childhood friend, Police Sargeant and Director of The Police Activities League, Chad Jackman says he last saw Michael just hours before his death.

"I had been up to the hospital earlier that day and it was pretty grim. His sister gave me a call at about a little after 10 p.m. last night, and you know you try to prepare yourself for it, but I was still pretty devastated,” said Jackman.

Michael hadn't been to the gym in months due to his ailing health and chemo treatments. He says everyone at the gym was praying for his return.

"This just seemed like one more challenge that he was going to whip, and he seemed like he was getting over it and getting better and better, and then he just, this one Mike couldn't overcome,” said Jackman.

A fighter, a father and a hero to many, Michael's memory will not soon be forgotten.

"Out of the ring he was such a good person. Such a caring person. There wasn't a mean bone in that man's body and when he walked into a room wherever it was, he just lit it up. He was just full of life,” said Jackman.

"Everything I do, I do what he taught me. I don't do anything different,” said Alcala.


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