Water well drillers busy as farmers scramble to find groundwater to help their crops survive drought

DELANO, Calif. - The drought is keeping one Kern County industry very busy.

Water well drillers are swamped with work from farmers who need water for their crops.

Many farmers will get little or no water from their canals this year so they have to turn to groundwater to make up the difference.

Most wells are dug to 1000 feet but may have to go deeper if they don’t hit water.

The average cost of an agricultural well is over a hundred thousand dollars.

Well driller companies we talked to say they have a year and half wait to get a new well drilled.

Some farmers don’t need a new well but do need their pumps lowered because the water table has dropped.

The average well takes a month and a half from the time crews start till the time the well is producing useable water.


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