Concerns over water in Bakersfield during the drought

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Data from The U.S. Drought Monitor shows Bakersfield tops a list of cities that are running out of water, but some believe the city can make it through the drought.

Art Chianello, City Water Resources Manager, told 23ABC that the city has stored groundwater and water in storage in a Lake Isabella. Chianello said he believes they have enough water to make it through the next three years, but he will be more concerned if the city is faced with a fourth dry year.

Councilman Terry Maxwell told 23ABC the city needs to take the study seriously.

“It’s serious and if other people think we have problems and we don’t then it’s kind of like the Stock Market where you don’t know you’re in a bubble until it bursts. We won’t know we are in a serious water crisis until we go to the reserve and it is not there,” explained Maxwell.

Maxwell also said he wanted the city to implement restrictions back in May. In July, the city decided to close its spray parks to save water.

“I believe we do have to do our part to conserve even if our lawns dry up,” said Bakersfield resident Flor Rodriguez.

Others living in Bakersfield agree that people need to do their part to conserve.

“I think citizens we have to band together and conserve,” said Cathy Godges.

Chianello told 23ABC he has also been tracking water usage in Bakersfield. Chianello said single family and multi-family residences as well as parks and public schools have all been using less water in May, June and July of this year. Chianello tracked the amount of water used this year and compared to the data from last year.

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