Condors' actual mascot runs wild on the ice during the national anthem

Condor becomes center of attention at Condors game

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Bakersfield Condors hockey team hosted the Las Vegas Wranglers last night and brought in an Andean Condor to place on a perch during the national anthem. 

The Condors invited Joe Krathwohl, the "Birdman" from Las Vegas. Krathwohl is the CEO of Birds N Beasts, Inc. and operates bird and animal shows worldwide, supplying trained wildlife for stage, film and events. 

When Krathwohl and his condor reached center ice the Andes Mountain Condor had other plans. 

The condor was fine, Krathwohl experienced minor injuries, but continued on with another performance during the first intermission. 


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