Congressman McCarthy does not doubt chemical weapons used in Syria, meeting with President

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The president has won backing from key U.S. political figures on his plans for a military strike on Syria.

Congressman McCarthy has been in Washington since Sunday, meeting with the president, and discussing next steps on that proposed military action.

Also in the meeting today--key republican leaders John Boehner and Eric Cantor.

During a satellite interview with 23ABC News today, McCarthy told us it was a productive meeting and he's weighing the information and intelligence presented by the president and his national security team.

Today McCarthy told us, he agrees with reports that chemical weapons were used.

"I know a lot of this information was classified when I sat down with the president,” Congressman McCarthy said, “When you look at and it's not just America saying, when you go around the world, in the evidence they gathered, Iran has says it's been used. I don't think there is any doubt, but we'll see the presentations before committee next week."

The house and the senate will take up separate resolutions on potential military action in Syria next week.

The U.N. has confirmed that more than two million Syrians are now refugees because of this conflict.

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