Construction industry in Kern County is having trouble finding qualified workers

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The construction industry is looking to hire more professional workers this year, but they are having a problem finding qualified employees.

In a survey conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America, 56 percent of construction companies in California believe within the next year it will become increasingly harder to find qualified, skilled workers.

Bob Bell who owns Cita Development has seen the problem first hand.

Bell said while he plans to aggressively build this year, he can't find the skilled workers he needs in this area.

"I'm going to have to search for skilled workers outside of the city," Bell said.

Supervisor Leticia Perez also touched on this subject in her State of the County speech Wednesday night.

Perez said the problem stems from education.

"We have a whole area of students that do not want to go to college but at the same time aren't being taught these skills," Perez said.

Perez's best advice is to change what students are learning in the classroom to hopefully change what is happening in our workforce.

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