Contstruction on Wasco Wal-Mart slated to begin soon

Wal-Mart comes to Wasco

WASCO, Calif. - You can add Wasco to the list of cities where Wal-Mart wants to open up shop.

Wasco City Manager Dan Allen said the new Wal-Mart will bring in jobs, tax dollars, and a facelift to a part of Wasco that is virtually empty.

Walnut trees line the 91 acre lot where Wasco’s Wal-Mart is slated to be built in the next few months. The Wasco Center will be built on Highway 46 between Central Avenue and Magnolia Avenue.

Allen said the city is waiting for the developer, Bill Barkett, to take care of the sewer, storm drain and water system before Wal-Mart can begin construction.

Allen said the community has been supportive because of the jobs it will create. The environmental impact report is done and it shows that the big box retailer will create 300 jobs in a city where the unemployment rate is at 25%

The developer has 20 other spots on the 165,000 square foot lot reserved for other vendors. The city is hoping for a new movie theater and possibly a Starbucks.

Allen said if the developer can finish all of the underlying groundwork, Wal-Mart will do groundbreaking in September with a grand opening projection date of fall of 2014.

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