Cost of Kern County farmlands break records

High demand in produce leads to pricey land

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - There's a growing real estate boom in Kern County, not in the cities, but in our fields and orchards.

23ABC spoke with Kern County Farm Bureau Executive Director Benjamin McFarland about which crops are costing the most per acre.

"Pistachios are going for $32,000 an acre, which is like a 77% increase from 2006", McFarland said.

According to McFarland, all of Kern County's commodities are in high demand thus pushing the cost of the land to a new high.

McFarland said, "typically there is a wave in agriculture in a 10 year period and we are coming up to historic highs for land value".

According to Grist.Org , the value of farmland has gone up 15-20% in the last two years and it's consistently selling 10-15% above the asking price.

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