Council member wants staff to look at security funds

A Bakersfield City Council member said he wants wants city staff to look into securing funds for economic opportunities and development.

Those redevelopment funds could be directed to the northeast Bakersfield area.

At the Council meeting of June 4, Council member Weir requested that a fifth Economic Opportunity Area (EOA) be created for an area around East Hills Mall.

"This area needs some help. A lot of businesses have gone under and there a lot of vacant properties," said Sal Medina, resident.

The area proposed to comprise the East Hills EOA is bounded by Haley Street on the west, Columbus Street on the north, Oswell Street on the east (including the commercially- zoned land on the east side of Oswell), and Bernard Street on the south.

The primary focus areas for the implementation of the Bakersfield Economic Development Strategy, is currently being developed.

"The northeast part of town is beautiful. I think if the city could help revitalize the area it will be on par with the Marketplace," said Lionel Cerda, resident.

Vice Mayor Weir asked city staff to look into the possibility of identifying an economic opportunity zone south of the East Hills Mall.

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