County ag educators fight for state funding for FFA programs, Brown wants evaluation

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Funding for agriculture education throughout California has just been dropped from the Governor’s budget.

Governor Brown spoke to local agriculture and education officials about the budget and other issues Tuesday.

Local FFA educators want to know why the governor decided ag education was not important enough to be included.

Brown agreed to retain the $4.1 million program this year, but called for a program evaluation, saying he preferred locally-controlled funding.

The Incentive Grant statewide provided $4.1 million dollars directly to agriculture education.

Local educators fear local funding would mean many programs will close, because districts will use funds no longer designated for agriculture on anything they choose.

Kern County is the nation’s second top-producing county and local educators say cutting funding to education in this field is a slap in the face for the agriculture community.

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