County Code Compliance cleans up alleys in Oildale

OILDALE, Calif. - County Code Compliance is working on a special project aimed at cleaning up more than 30 alleys in Oildale.

The county usually works on one alley at a time, but this huge one time effort is aimed at getting ahead of the game.

"We have a problem all over Kern County with illegal dumping, but there's a real problem in Oildale," said Christy Fitzgerald, Kern County Code Compliance.

The county paid contractors about $10,000 to remove trash, junk and debris from the alleys.

County resources aren't always available to perform a huge cleanup effort.

County officials hope the community can take pride in their area and eliminate illegal dumping.

"We are hopefully giving them a little boost, that the area has been cleaned, they should figure out a way to keep it that way," said Fitzgerald.

County Code Compliance works with Waste Management. They will remove trash from private property, and County Roads removes trash if it's on the roads.

Residence say once somebody illegally dumps in an alley or an abandoned home, that opens the door for others to do the same.

"As soon as someone sees a mattress or couch dumped, it's like, hey there's the spot, let's dump it on down. This must be the local dump," said Jennifer David.

David organizes the community group, Makin' it Great in the 08. The group continually identifies trashy alleys and cleans them up.

One of the alleys the county cleaned up today was the same alley David's group cleaned up recently.

"It's very frustrating, we picked up all the trash, drug paraphernalia and dirty magazines from this same alley. For it to look like this again is very disappointing," said David.

Compliance officers have also identified abandoned homes to be demolished, which are also a huge problem for illegal dumping.

"If there's an abandoned property, we will go in and board it up and clean the area. But they continually become an illegal dumping site," said Fitzgerald.

County Code compliance is complaint driven, so if you spot an alley that has illegal dumping you can call County Code Compliance at (661) 862-8603.

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You can take many items to the county disposal site for free.

Non-chargeable residential waste, in general, is any household or yard waste that would normally go into a residential waste can.

There are other household waste items that can also be disposed of without cost. Examples: large appliances (stoves, refrigerators, washers and dryers); furniture (sofas, chairs, desks, patio furniture and mattresses) and tree trimmings.

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