County officials trying to get state to refourmulate funding for jail programs

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Kern County officials are trying to get more money from the state for jail programs.

The last time the state handed out money for counties to pay for programs aimed at reducing reoffenders Kern County didn’t do very well.

"It’s difficult to create a successful program without the funding, long term funding to support it," said Francis Moore, Chief Deputy for the Kern County Sheriff’s Office Detention Bureau.

Some feel giving inmates anything more than a cell is babying them, but experts disagree.

"For those people who feel that they violated the rules of society they should be put in a jail cell they don’t need any more what are the chances of that person getting out of jail and then doing it again,” Moore said.

They say the way to break the cycle and lower crime in our community is to help the inmate get off drugs or alcohol and assist them in finding a job when they get out.

"They get a good place to live they got a car to drive they got friends that go to work with them if they can get reconnected into that then they have something to lose," said clinical psychologist Dr. Dean Haddock.

Moore says they are already seeing good results with a program called Matrix.

"I am very impressed with the numbers we have I am very impressed with men and women who seem to be giving it 110 percent they want to do better no one wants to fail in life," Moore said.

The program helps the inmate deal with their addiction, and understand what causes them to use in the first place.

Moore says the most surprising thing is that some inmates have actually added time to their sentences so they could finish the program.

Haddock says the key is figuring out who will succeed and who won’t.

"We can find out who is likely to do well and what it’s going to take to help them get well once we get that in place then we have a great chance saving tax dollars and saving people's lives"

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