County, westside communities to split costs of spaying and neutering pets

TAFT, Calif. -  

A unique approach to controlling the pet population could lower the number put to sleep in Kern County.

By sharing the cost of fixing a pet and utilizing the services of a nonprofit spay and neuter program the county and communities on the Westside hope to make a difference.

Kern County Supervisor David Couch says if they can do it in multiple communities in Kern County’s Westside they can spay or neuter several hundred animals.

The goal is to cut down on the number of pets that have to be put to sleep and save taxpayers money in the process.

Couch hopes they can start fixing animals in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

The cost for pet owners will depend on how much each community contributes but Couch says it will be a lot less. 

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