Court documents: Mom says son terrorized parents before shooting and killing dad

Cops: Victims record their own shooting

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - 23ABC has obtained new information tonight on the case of son who shot and killed his father.

Bakersfield police say Geoff Murphy shot and killed his dad on August 10.

The full police report on the shooting is 108 pages long.

It clears up a lot of questions about what was happening inside the Murphy family home and what led to a son killing his father.

The home where the shooting happened is near Calloway and Brimhall.

The mom of the suspect and wife of the victim told detectives her son is bipolar and had been getting physically aggressive recently.

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On the day of the shooting she says her son was threatening to beat her and that’s when her husband pulled a 9mm from his waistband and shot her son once in the chest.

Police say Murphy then charged his dad wrestled the gun away from him and shot him in the head. He died at the scene.

Geoff Murphy was arrested and taken to KMC where he spent ten days recovering from his gunshot wound.

The woman escaped unharmed and told police about her ordeal.

She says her son held her and her husband prisoner in their own home and they were not allowed to answer the door or the phone.

She says Geoff’s mental issues started appearing back in high school and had gotten worse.

Police found paperwork in the home from the army showing Murphy had been discharged for unknown reasons.

The wife says her and her husband were so worried for their safety that they slept with their bedroom door barricaded.

Documents show the elderly couple felt they needed proof of their son's behavior to show police so they had recorded his outbursts on two occasions including the shooting.

Police won’t release the cell phone video but they say it shows the dad shoot the son and the two go off camera as they struggle.

Police say you can hear a single shot off screen and Geoff Murphy saying, "Now you're dead."

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