Court documents reveal details of accident killing pregnant woman

Woman had a pulse when police arrived

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A new police report reveals details into the alleged drunken driving accident that killed a pregnant woman in January.

Joseph Maine is accused in a fatal DUI crash that killed a woman and her unborn baby at Fairview Road and Monitor Street.

Documents show Maine told cops he had been drinking at home with friends and had two glasses of wine and 6 beers.  When they ran out of beer they decided to go buy more.

Maine told police the traffic signal was red when he was half a block away from the intersection. He said the light turned green and he continued westbound on Fairview Road. Maine said he saw a car driving southbound on Monitor Street, and he realized the car was not going to stop. He said he applied the brake, skidding and turning to avoid collision. Police told Maine that the car was in fact traveling northbound on Monitor Street, documents show.

Witnesses told police Maine tried to give first aid to victims after the crash.

Documents said a police officer found Vanessa Carrillo with a faint pulse when they arrived but the first paramedics on scene pronounced her dead.

There were two other passengers in Carrillo's car and three others in Maine's car that were all transported to the hospital.

Another BPD officer was conducting a traffic stop at Union and Fairview just before the crash and saw Maine's SUV driving fast and erratically.  He said he saw the SUV burn rubber and estimated he was doing 70 miles per hour when he went through the intersection of Union Avenue and Fairview. The officer said in the document he was in a traffic stop so the officer did not pursue the SUV. 

Maine's blood alcohol content was .16, twice the legal limit, documents said. 

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