Covered California is seeing low enrollment with the Latino population

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Enrollment numbers for Covered California continue to climb but the number of Latinos signing up for insurance is still lagging.

46 percent of uninsured Californians are Latinos, but so far only 30 percent of Latinos have applied for coverage.

Lizelda Lopez with Covered California said there has been a lot of confusion with health coverage for Latinos.

"We make daily improvements to the website, but when we started a few of our pages weren't translated to Spanish," Lopez said.

Covered California says many Latinos weren't understanding the new health insurance language, there were rumors of the website being down and wait times were high.

Currently the average wait time this month for the Covered California call center is 49 minutes.

Lopez said many Latinos are looking for local assistance as well.

The Dolores Huerta foundation is planning information events that would help boost Latino sign ups.

Huerta along with volunteers will be canvassing neighborhoods and bringing in speakers to educate Bakersfield's Latino population on the importance of health insurance.

"We want them to know how important it is to take advantage of this health insurance," Huerta said. "It can be affordable for all types of families." 

According to enrollment numbers released by by Covered California on Tuesday, 625,000 people have applied for health coverage through January 15.

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