CPR instructor speaks out about Glenwood Gardens incident

Thinks local businesses should train employees

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - CPR instructor TJ Magness with Kern CPR is stunned by what happened at Glenwood Gardens independent living home last Tuesday.

"I was absolutely shocked to hear that a nurse could stand by and watch somebody die, and not just a nurse just a person in general," Magness said.
"To me, that would be human nature just to want to help, to jump in, to try to save a life. It almost seems unnatural to see someone die before your eyes and not even do anything and just sit there and go 'oh it's policy.'"
The incident also brings up the question of whether local businesses should invest in getting their employees CPR certified.
"Even if you don't need it in your business, what if your mom or dad or kid needs CPR and nobody will give it to them? Businesses should absolutely strive to get certified," Magness said.
Although it's not clear whether CPR could have saved the 87-year-old's life, Magness stresses the importance of doing CPR in a timely manner.
"You've got to start CPR quick, you've got to get an AED quick, and start EMS quick. If you do all of those things, your success rate actually goes up. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to bring somebody back."
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