Crews clean up trash behind North High School

23ABC spoke with upset residents Thursday

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Kern High School District sent crews out to clean up North High school storage area.

The storage area, located behind the school next to a residential area, was a temporary staging facility for old and used equipment during the schools remodeling project. Residents who lived the area said it was an "eye sore".

Today, crews cleaned up that area. Several storage containers were filled with trash, one truck was filled with recyclables and another truck with filled with stuff the district will sell at auction. 

School officials say the cleanup project was on the calendar, but it took them longer than they expected.

On Thursday, 23ABC spoke to residence about the trash and then contacted the high school district for comment.

School official say our inquiries were a catalyst for the clean up happening on Friday. However, school officials said, more importantly they want to be a good neighbor to the residents who live next to North High.

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