Crews discover large pot grow during Water Fire

Springs served as the water source for the grow

FRAZIER PARK, Calif. - An unexpected discovery for firefighters battling a blaze in Frazier Park.

A large pot grow was found during the recent water fire.

The U.S. Forest Service tells 23 ABC the large pot grow was spotted about three miles northwest of Frazier Park.

It was discovered by crews fighting the Water Fire.

The grow, we're told was in a very remote area.

Officials with the U.S. Forest Service say it was only accessible by helicopter.

The plants had to be air lifted out by investigators.

The U.S. Forest Service believes springs in the area served as the water source for the grow.

Kern County Sheriff's Office have not released the exact amount found.

We understand there have been no arrests made yet in this investigation.

We'll be sure to keep you update as we learn new information.

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