CSUB honors Holocaust Remembrance Day

Series of events held all week

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - "It has affected me deeply and as a child, remembering some of the horror stories and the things that were going on, it always stayed with me," Howard Silver, a local resident, said.

Those horror stories were the main focus of tonight's Holocaust Remembrance event at CSUB. Students attended to discuss issues surrounding the Holocaust like genocide and discrimination.

"The Holocaust is just one of the many events that have happened to various races and this is something that really needs to be brought to light and something that should not happen to anyone regardless of how they look, act, or where they're from," Shalisha Hodson, a student, said.

Alli Rhodehamel, another student at CSUB, said," It's important for students to remember because it's about not letting it happen again."

"Kids my age hardly even know what happened and it's a shame that people are losing memory of it," Chelsea Stevens, another student, said.

Dr. Stephen Campagna-Pinto, co-director of the Institute for Religion, Education, and Public Policy, wants his students to not only remember the Holocaust, but to also educate others.

"What I hope students will take away from studying the Holocaust and genocide is the sense of responsibility for the world, for making the world a better place, through knowledge, through education, and through responsible communication with one another."

These Holocaust Remembrance events will continue at CSUB, including a Holocaust survivor who will share her story on April 17th.

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