Cutting the cable cord and going back to free TV

BAKERSFILED - One local company is booming with business as more and more people are cutting the cable cord or ditching the satellite dish.

It's easy enough to find a variety of television programs ready for streaming on the Internet, via sites like Hulu and Netflix. However, many still want programming that's not online, like local and network broadcasts, but are getting tired of the monthly fees associated with cable and satellite.
Mr. Antenna is working overtime because of the amount of phone calls he's getting people all around the county.

"Customers first asked me how much it cost and how many channels will I get?Then they ask when can you come out," said Steven Matteson.

All local stations broadcast their programming for free over the public airwaves, and in pristine digital format.

Eric Leschinsky decided to get rid of his satellite TV and had Matteson install an antenna at his house in southwest Bakersfield Friday afternoon.

"The main reason why we're doing this is to get out of debt. This is one less bill we have to deal with it and are not sacrificing quality," said Leschinsky.

Leschinsky originally bought an indoor HD antenna, but was not satisfied with the results, only getting one or two local channels.

Many of Matteson's customers say they believe the over-the-air signal is better than cable or satellite.

"I see a lot of people buy an indoor antenna and don't get the results they're looking for. What they don't realize, is they need an outdoor antenna to get all the clear crystal channels," said Matteson.

Most TV's sold in the past five years or so has a built-in digital tuner for these over-the-air broadcasts. You should be able to receive all local channels by hooking up the proper antenna and tuning your TV to the appropriate station number.
If you don't have a new digital TV, you can buy a low-priced digital converter box that enables your old set to receive these new digital broadcasts.

Mr. Antenna converts about 12 customers a week back to broadcast.

"You pay a one time fee, after that TVs free," said Matteson.

It will cost you just under $200 for the antenna and installation. You can expect to get more than 30 local channels form the central valley.

If you want the same results without hiring a professional installation company, like Mr. Antenna, you need to purchase an outdoor directional antenna, mounted on your roof for best results. To get all the local channels including 23 ABC, the antenna needs to have a line-of-site view of Breckenridge Mountain.


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