Dance marathon helps raise money for the Children Miracle Network

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - For the next several hours, students from CSUB will be putting their dance moves to the test.

Students have spent the last year preparing to take the stage.

“It feels very humbling and it feels amazing to see," said Hilda Nieblas, event organizer.

Students are dancing in a 12-hour marathon that starts Friday night and ends Saturday morning.

“When you see the kids run up on the stage and you hear the families stories and you hear how the money you're raising impacts them, I think that's really amazing because you see,” she said.

Money raised from this all night event is going towards the children's miracle network of hospitals.  A charity, many students have supported for the last three years.

"It's a roll coaster of emotions because these kids are the ones that we helping out and these kids are usually the kids that are in the ICU at the local hospital that we have here, and usually the funds that we raise here are for the families," said participant John Buton.

The group's website is accepting online donations throughout the dance marathon.  Students are looking to raise close to $10,000. 

"Some of us were able to visit the hospital and we saw the kind of technology that they could have. We saw a lot of the children had to wait along with the adults and we know children should havetheir own emergency room.  We're trying to raise money for that, for life saving equipment," said student Paola Becerra.


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To help donate to this year's fundraiser click here

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