Dangerous intersection causing concern for many Northwest Bakersfield residents

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Neighbors in northwest Bakersfield are still shaken up after a trailer plowed right into a home while family members sat inside.

It happened at the intersection of Olive and Patton Way.  Authorities are investigating the crash that resulted in a driver losing control and ending up inside a home.  Several homeowners say accidents involving vehicles are happening way too often there.

"It was just like a big boom.  It lasted maybe seven seconds. My mom at first thought we were having an earthquake," said Keith D of Bakersfield.  

The family's home sits at a busy intersection.  On Thursday afternoon, a vehicle rammed into the home causing damage to the front side of the property.  It also caused some of the roof to collapse.

"I heard all the rocks hitting the front door and then I saw the dust coming out at home through the door and then it flooded through out the entire house," he said.

Neighbors say accidents like that are common. Many times they see wrecks at least two or three times during the month. Most are fender benders, but nothing as severe as this latest crash.

"I think it's a little too fast around here. The speed limit is 40, but quite often it looks like their doing 50 or 55," said neighbor Bill Wilson.

Neighbors hope having more police presence near the intersection can control the on-going speeding problem in the area. They also want officials to look into improving the streets to avoid any further accidents from happening again.

"At first, it was no concern. But, now that we've had several accidents here at the intersection and the one Thursday hitting the house, it's become a concern," he said.

The family says no one inside the home, at the time of the crash was injured and there is no estimate of how much damage was caused by the crash.


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