Dash-cameras help Kern County law enforcement agency

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - According to the California Highway Patrol, dash-cameras have dropped the number of officer complaints to the department.

In 2011, each CHP patrol car was equipped with a dash camera and back seat camera.

"The [complaints] are exonerated, which means there was nothing to it..."said officer Paul Dias. "We are holding a 93 percent exoneration rate."

Currently, CHP is the only department that has full video coverage install in all of their patrol cars. The Kern County Sheriff's department recently installed dash-cams into 10 of their patrol cars at their Wasco Substation.

KCSO said they plan to start a pilot program with body cameras in the next couple months. If the program does well, the department will outfit each deputy in a body-camera.

The Bakersfield Police Department currently does not have any type of recording device implemented within their department.

Sgt. Joe Grubbs with the BPD said while the department supports the idea, they do not have the funds to support the cameras.

"The issue is storing all of that data and we have over 100 officer out on the street," Grubbs said.


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