Day before Thanksgiving busiest for Kern County travelers

3.9 million people to take Amtrak rails

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The day before Thanksgiving is notoriously known as the busiest  day of the year to travel.

A record-breaking  3.9 million passengers will have boarded Amtrak trains by the end of Wednesday., said AAA officials. Passengers from Los Angeles said the railways seem to be busy everywhere.

 "I came out of a smaller station, the Westwood UCLA station, but even for that smaller station, there was a line there," said Devon Wall. 

"We live in Sacramento, and I've taken Amtrak to Los Angeles, and it hasn't been this busy before," said traveler Cheryl Edwards. 

All four buses to Los Angeles from Bakersfield were near-full at around noon Wednesday. 

Over at the Meadows Field Airport, there were also a lot of flyers. Taxi cab drivers say they're seeing more business there, than usual.

"It's pretty good, but we're pretty busy anyway, and sometimes we can't keep up with everyone," said Blue Star Taxi driver Steve Bellue.

Travelers say, despite the crowds, riding Amtrak was a pleasant experience. 

More than 5-million people will be on California freeways Wednesday.The day before Thanksgiving is notoriously known as the busiest day of the year to travel.

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