Dead goats dumped by south Bakersfield canal; Residents want them cleaned up

Dead goats cause a stink

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Residents who live next to a south Bakersfield canal say some dead goats are causing a problem.

They say their calls to county animal control have gone unanswered.

23ABC found out who is responsible for cleaning up the area and why there's been a delay.

The canal is off Panama Lane between Cottonwood and South Union.

Residents say this area is a constant dumping ground for animal carcasses and trash.

The goats are decomposing and there is strong odor that surrounds the area.

Residents said they called to Kern County Animal Control, but officials with the county said they never received a call for service at that address.

"They never came out, we came out this morning and obviously the goats are still out here. What's going on out here, they are dumping dogs. I actually saw a cows head, somebody dumped that out here too," said Sylvia Rios

23ABC contacted the county and were told that the area where the goats were, was in the city. County officials said that's why they did not sent out a crew. City animal control said they cover the area and goats will be removed.

Animal control officials said residents can contact them whenever they have a problem at, (661)321-3000.


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