Deadline nears as county continues to look for new animal shelter optiions

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The clock is ticking on county animal control as the deadline for moving out of the city owned shelter approaches.

The county board of supervisors approved a $2.6 billion budget today.

Within that was the $8.1 million budget for animal control for the following year.

That includes $2.5 million for a move to a new facility.

County administrator John Nilon said they are considering several options for a new facility.

"As a bare bones minimum solution we are looking at potentially pitching a very large tent having rental kennels and just moving to an open space that the county owns until such time as we can finalize another approach," Nilon said.

Another option is the county buying a kennel on Brundage Lane near Weedpatch Highway.

"The facility in general looks pretty good there are some area that may need to be bull dozed and rebuilt but it has good bones as they say and I think we can work on that if that becomes the place we choose," Nilon said.

There is also concern in the community about a mass euthanasia to lower the number of animals the county will have to move.

“They are now euthanizing two thirds of the animals now anyhow," said Kern County Animal Control volunteer Liz Keogh.

"The thing that’s most unthinkable, the most Draconian, would be to euthanize animals and that is without a doubt our very last choice," Nilon said.


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