Delano police search for two suspects after a gun was found at Princeton Street Elementary in Delano

Parents upset over lack of same-day notification

DELANO, Calif. - Officers with the Delano Police Department are currently looking for two possible suspects who may have left a gun on an elementary campus. 

Earlier this week, three kids at Princeton Street Elementary School in Delano, reported to a teacher that they had found a gun on campus.

The teacher then told an assistant principal  who immediately called the Delano Police Department, officials said.

When police searched the campus, they said they found a .22 caliber revolver. Police said they then made the area safe and took the gun off the campus.

According to Vanessa Santano, a student at Princeton Elementary, she was still able to see the gun while on the playground after the staff was notified. "I was playing basketball with my friends and the ball rolled, and I went to go get it and saw the gun," she described. 

According to police officials, two kids may be behind the gun because they were seen looking around the area later. At this time, Delano police said they are trying to find the two kids.

Officials with the Delano Police Deparment said they are planning to send out a letter of accommodation. 

Several parents told 23ABC that they weren't notified of the incident until the next day. 


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