Delano Regional Medical Center celebrates 40 years of service


Delano Regional Medical Center has reached a milestone and leaders say it’s the dedicated workers and numerous volunteers that have helped the hospital thrive.

Joan Collins started volunteering 40 years ago at the hospital.  She started at the nurse’s station two nights a week.

“I love volunteering. I like the people. I like the activities. I just like everything about it,” she said.

The hospital opened its doors in 1974 with only ten patients, five physicians and fifty workers.

“It keeps me involve with the community.  It keeps me involved with the people and I stay on top of whatever is going on in Delano, I think it’s very important,” she said.

Delano Regional Medical Center now has 100 doctors, more than 600 employees and 5 health clinics helping to serve a population of 130,000 here in Delano and the surrounding area.

“As we progress through the years, it’s been wonderful.  It’s been great for the community and it’s been really great for me and to just watch it grow and for the town, for the community, it’s been great,” said employee Sally Ann Schiavon who started working at the hospital 40 years ago.

The hospital plans to expand on its telemedicine and outpatient services.   Leaders are also developing a stroke program.

“We have been able to serve this community in ways that we didn’t envision because this hospital is very innovative, forward thinking hospital and so we’re always looking at what we can do ten years down the road,” said Kathie Wright with Delano Regional Medical Center.

The hospital continues its 40th anniversary celebration with events planned through out the coming year.


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