Delano teen survives cancer, insurance won't pay for new teeth

Family holds fundraising raffle

DELANO, Calif. - An extra ordinary teen is facing yet another challenge after surviving two different cancers.

Alex Hunter was diagnosed with stage four cancer at four-years-old and though it was hard, Alex always stayed strong. "When we were down, he was always up. He would say grandma let's pray, I'm in pain and so we would pray," grandmother Roberta Hunters said.

So when he started to loose his teeth he kept going. "Well so far I'm just waiting for my dentures but in the future I'm just going to keep on living," Alex said.

His insurance paid to have the dead teeth removed, but won't pay for new ones. "[The insurance] said it wasn't a medical issue and of course it's from a medical issue," Roberta said.

The family says new dentures would cost about $11,000 but Alex does not want to burden them. The family is applying for money through various foundations, but Liz Hunters, Alex's mother, says there are requirements for each one which makes it difficult.

Their solution... a raffle. The Hunter family is selling raffle tickets for various prizes. "It's obviously an expense that we did not expect... You know I always tell him just one day at a time and that's kind of how we've always taken it," Liz said.

His family said Alex has always been a selfless and bright kid. He had a friend who was graduating and could not afford a yearbook, so he took it upon himself to create one with all of the friend's pictures. He had his friends and teachers sign the yearbook and when he presented it to the friend Alex could tell how much his kindness meant. "There were a lot of tears that day," Alex said with a smile.

Alex is also motivated in school, taking advanced placement classes and received an honor roll award in the Spring of 2014. He has also been involved in choir for two years and hopes to be on The Voice one day. Though, his aspirations do not stop there, he is already planning for college.

"For me I want to be a counselor, I want to major in psychology and sociology so I can help others the way I do at school," Alex said.

Alex says no matter what happens he will continue enjoying life and taking one day at a time.

If you would like to purchase a raffle ticket you can inquire by sending mail to Alex Hunter care of SCA, P.O. Box 1876, Delano, Ca 93216.

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