Department of Veterans Affairs awards $75 million contract to Centre for Neuro Skills

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Local veterans suffering with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are about to see an improvement to their care thanks to a contract awarded by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Earlier this month the VA awarded a contract to the Centre for Neuro Skills (CNS) to provide residential rehabilitation treatment to veterans who have suffered a TBI. The contract award is limited to $75 million for these services.

Ken Diashyn, vice-president of business development at CNS, says that with the increase of improvised explosive devices being used in war zones, this contract comes at the perfect time. He said, "With continuing conflicts in the Middle-East and the nature of modern warfare we're going to continue seeing these kinds of injuries."

He said in the VA system there are certain limitations based on geography and the expertise of care they can provide. 

That's where CNS comes in. Those at CNS feel they have a treatment model that can focus on each veteran's individual needs. Chris Persel, director of rehabilitation at CNS in Bakersfield, says the difference in care between the VA and CNS is dramatic. He said, "In the community based setting they're able to apply the skills in a way that will hopefully allow them to live more independently."

He says that comes from having all of their treatment options under one roof. Veterans are able to receive physical and occupational therapy and speech and language pathology in the same building.

The contract will go through October 2017 and Diashyn said it could possibly be renewed for another two years.


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