Deputies arrest man on torture, attempted murder charges

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A man was arrested on Friday after he reportedly tortured someone.

On June 21, deputies with the Kern County Sheriff's Office went to a home in the 400 block of Poplar Avenue to regarding a report of domestic violence.

During the investigation, deputies found that the victim had been punched, kicked, and strangled, as well as hit repeatedly with a baseball bat by suspect, 33-year-old Lucas Webby of Bakersfield.

Kris Castaneda has known Lucas Webby for nearly 20 years and described him as a gentle soul.
"He was a person I could trust with my child. I'd drop my son off at his house all the time," said Castaneda.
So when she found out he'd been arrested for torturing a woman...
"I didn't know what to say. I started crying because I've known him so long and it didn't seem like the person I knew," said Castaneda.
Deputies said the assault took place over a two-day period.
Castaneda said she had seen Webby during that time.
"I had picked him up Thursday night about 11:20 so I'm wondering myself, was she in the house?," said Castaneda.
Friends said the victim was his wife and that they'd only been married about a year but were in the process of separating.
"If I would've known she was in there I wouldn't of driven away. I would've talked to him," said Castaneda.
Castaneda blamed Webby's accused actions on his drug addiction. 
"He's a gentle and kind person. It's just he fell into the wrong thing with the wrong people and that goes to show you what drugs do to you," said Castaneda.

Sheriff's deputies obtained a search warrant for Webby's home on Poplar Ave. During the execution of the search warrant, deputies found Webby hiding in a bedroom closet.

Webby resisted arrest, but was taken in custody.

During a search of the home, deputies found meth and marijuana.

Webby will be booked for attempted murder, torture and possession of narcotics for sale. 

Additional charges are still being determined. Webby's bail amount has not yet been determined. 

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