Deputies investigate homicide in Oildale

Dead baby found in dumpster

BAKERSFIELD - It was a gruesome discovery inside a garbage container in an Oildale neighborhood.  Kern County deputies say a dead baby was found by Reggie Groves and the incident is raising many questions and concerns for many neighbors.

It's a question being asked over and over by concerned people living near the intersection of Beardsley and Oildale. 

"Who would want to dump their child?  A child who did not have a chance to live life?  It's something that should not be done," said neighbor, Rebecca Diaz.

"It was pretty shocking you know and we really never heard of things about this, but waking up to this is pretty interesting," said neighbor, Justin Hemminger.

"There are several people who can't have kids or who want more kids and for this to happen is just ridiculous," said neighbor, Stephanie Oliver.

Kern County deputies are investigating the death of a baby found inside a dumpster.

"It doesn't appear that the infant is more than a few days old so, we believe the infant is at most several days old," said Ray Pruitt of the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

Although Groves found the baby in the trash did not want to appear on camera, he did tells us the new born looked beaten and had severe bruises on the side of its body and head.  Some neighbors say they wish they could have done something to help.

"That's awful in the trash can. I wish I had the chance to get out and look. I could have saved the baby. I just feel bad.  That's not right," said a neighbor.

Operation Soul Winner is a faith-based program located down the street at Salvation Park, group leaders hope they can help now and be a place community members in trouble can turn to in the future.

"What can we do now?  Can we offer some help with providing some funeral expenses? Can we offer up a place to provide a funeral at? What can we do? That's why we're here today. What can we do as an organization to help make a great impact in our community through times like this?” said Ray Ballard with Operation Soul Winner.

The Kern County Sheriff's office is asking anyone with information about this incident to call investigators at (661) 861-3110.

Deputies plan a proper examination of the body on Monday to determine the cause and manner of death.          

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