Deputies investigating threats made towards students at Frazier Mountain High School in Lebec

Rumors of a hit list and access to gun surface

LEBEC, Calif. - A school in Kern County has been under a microscope after threats that were made surfaced.

According to school officials, students of Frazier Mountain High School in Lebec, were threatened on Feb. 28 while riding a school bus.

A student told a group of girls that he wanted to shoot some other students. 

School officials said law enforcement was made aware of the threats on March 5, and the investigation continues today to find if there is any credibility to the threats.

Deputies with the Kern County Sheriff's Office have been stationed at the school and at this time the threats and rumors are not credible.  

Rumors of a hit list and access to a gun were also mentioned in reports, according to school officials. But, Sergeant Mark Brown said differently.

"We have been unable to substantiate that rumor, we have not talked to one person who has seen that list, heard about the list or saw a gun."

Deputies said nobody is in danger and the school is not on lockdown.

School officials said parents have kept their students at home after hearing about the threats.  The El Tejon School District's Superintendent also said a letter will be sent home regarding the threat and investigation.

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