Deputies with the Kern County Sheriff's Office Investigate Shootings near Fairview Elementary School

Shootings force school lock down

BAKERSFIELD - Deputies with the Kern County Sheriff's Office are investigating two separate shootings that happened near Fairview Elementary School.


The incident caused administrators at Fairview to put the school on lockdown.  


Although it happened literally north and south of Fairview Elementary, deputies say the shootings that involved at least two suspects didn't happen on school property. 


It was a scene outside Fairview Elementary School as parents picked up their children.


“I can't find my son.  I am running down the street. I can't get through this way and I don't know where my baby is at," said parent, Denise Morelle.


Deputies with the Sheriff's Office placed the school on lockdown after two separate shootings were reported.


“They were scared.  My daughter called me on her cell phone and I was crying to her that I can't find Lanzo.  Her bus stop is right here  and say Lorenzo and jumped off the bus and waited for her other little brother.  They were scared.  They were afraid," she said.


According to the Kern County Sheriff's Office - the first shooting happened in the north alley on the 500 block of east Fairview.  The second shooting on the 400 block of Malibar.


"At this point, we're still attempting to determine exactly what happened.  We're trying to determine exactly how many suspects were involved in the two shooting incidents.  We got two crime scenes that we are processing," said Ray Pruitt of the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.


Since the shootings were so close to the school,  authorities locked it down as a precaution.  They also closed off a few neighboring streets during the investigation. 


"We know that two shootings occurred and there were at least two suspects involved. We got information from witnesses who observed at least two suspects involved.  We don't know if there were additional suspects.  We also have some information of a possible suspect vehicle that was seeing leaving the area," he said.


Investigators say the vehicle that may be involved in these shootings is a white lifted four-door ford pickup with chrome rims.


"We're still trying to determine exactly what happened, what led up to this shooting and get as much information as we can," said Pruitt.


No one was hurt in the shootings.


Investigators are searching for two Hispanic men.  One is described as a teenager who was wearing a grey-hooded sweater and dark pants.  The second suspect was wearing a light grey sweater, blue checkered shorts and black shoes.

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