Deputy shoots Pit Bull that was attacking him

No one was injured in this incident

BORON, Calif. -  

A Boron deputy is under investigation after shooting a pitbull that allegedly attacked him.

On Jan. 27, 2013 at about 9:30 p.m., a deputy went to the 27000 block of Anderson St. regarding a vicious pitbull roaming the neighborhood. 

According to officials, it was also reported the dog had attacked a person riding a bicycle through the area. 

The deputy said he arrived on scene and met with the residents that had placed the call and officials said the dog, at the time, was walking in the street a few houses away from where the deputy was standing. 

Officials said when the dog saw the deputy it began charging at him. 

The deputy said he used pepper spray on the dog which had an immediate effect on the dog causing it to retreat into the nearby yard. 

The deputy said he closed the gate to the yard; securing the dog there until animal control officers could respond and take control of it. 

Several minutes later, officials said the dog escaped from the yard and again charged and attacked the deputy.  The deputy was then forced to discharge his firearm; firing two rounds at the dog, according to reports. 

Officials said the dog was struck at least one time in the head. 

The dog then stopped attacking and went back into the yard which it came from. 

Animal control officers arrived on scene and took the dog.

The dog survived the gun shots.  

No one was injured as result of this incident.

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