Despite gun control talks and shootings, gun sales are high

Gun sales at Second Amendment Sports are high

BAKERSFIELD - At Second Amendment Sports gun sales have been shooting upward since last November. 

"Ever since November it has been quite inflated. And then another big boom after the last tragic shooting," said Alex Bowman, assistant manager at Second Amendment Sports.

That last tragedy that Bowman references is the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. On Friday, the day after the Taft shooting and just a 40 minute drive from the high school, Bowman had a busy store on his hands. 

At the store was Kim Neblett. She grew up in a gun owning family and is considering getting a permit and handgun. 

"I live with my mom right now," Neblett said. "She is 71 and I worry that we don't live in the best part of town. I worry about protection."

That is a common theme at the gun shop. People buying guns for hunting or to protect their families. 

"I have a wife and two small children at home," Michael Crenshaw said. "I've always felt that protection of my family is my responsibility."

Crenshaw was at Second Amendment looking for a new gun.

On Saturday a gun show was held on the Kern County Fair Grounds. One attendee at the gun show didn't think guns were the problem when it came to recent school shootings. 

"I think the parents should be held responsible because those guns need to be locked up," he said.

By 8 a.m. more than 300 people were waiting to enter the fair grounds to visit the gun show. That line later grew to more than 1,000 people. 

Back at Second Amendment, like many at Saturday's gun show, they don't blame the guns for causing recent tragic events either.

"The fact is that people that are going to intend to commit crimes are going to commit those crimes whether they have firearms or not," Bowman said. 

"If for some reason they were able to make all guns disappear today, off the face of the planet, the murder rate would not stop," Crenshaw said. "People would just stop using guns." 

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