Details revealed in investigation of 1-year-old Kai-Den Webb's death, Asiah Hines arrest

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Officials have released more information surrounding the case of a 17-year-old babysitter accused of beating and causing the death of a 1-year-old boy, officials said.

One-year-old Kai-Den Timothy Webb died the morning of Dec. 16.

A neighbor told detectives that she heard a baby crying and then she heard what she described as three hit-type noises. Following these noises, she said the baby stopped crying, according to the Sheriff's report.

DOCUMENT | Some details can be disturbing to some | Sheriff's report, chain of evidence:

Kern County coroner Sheriff Donny Youngblood said Webb died from multiple blunt-force injuries. 

Asiah Hines, 17, was arrested later in the day and charged with second-degree murder.

Kai-Den's god-parents told police, Asiah Hines was Jeukayla Webb's ex-girlfriend, according to sheriff's detective documents.

Investigators said they seized several items, including pillowcases, a sheet and a comforter with "suspicious stains," according to the documents.

While being questioned by detectives, Jeukayla learned her son Kai-Den had died.

The two women faced each other in a Sheriff's office interview room, where Hines admitted to hitting the boy, according to documents.

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