Detectives seize 600 pounds of marijuana from 3 vehicles; Bakersfield man gets 4 years prison time

Bakersfield man gets 4 years prison time


A Bakersfield resident was sentenced to a four year prison term for a coastal marijuana cultivation operation, according to US Attorney Benjamin Wagner.

Alejandro Uriostegui Rodriguez, aka Jose Salgado Valladares, aka Guerrero, aka Alejandro Basave Uriostegui , 40, an illegal immigrant from Guerrero, Mexico, got four years in federal prison for conspiring to cultivate, distribute, and possess with intent to distribute marijuana.

Uriostegui pleaded guilty plea last December to growing marijuana in the Lompoc area for distribution from his residence in Bakersfield.

According to court documents, in March 2010, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s narcotics detectives seized 600 pounds of processed marijuana from three vehicles they had seen leaving a marijuana grow site in the Lompoc area.

Uriostegui was later linked to the marijuana seizure during the execution of a federal search warrant at his residence in Bakersfield.

At that time, DEA agents found nearly 50 pounds of marijuana in an ice chest in Uriostegui’s bedroom and a small quantity of marijuana in his Corvette.

Uriostegui admitted that the marijuana came from the Lompoc and that all 650 pounds of marijuana belonged to him and was intended for distribution from Bakersfield.

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