Disabled woman hopes to find help for her service dog, Brodie

Brodie the service dog's health is declining

LAKE ISABELLA, Calif. - Service dogs play an important part in bringing independence to many people living with disabilities, but now a local woman says the roles have changed as her dog faces a medical problem.

Service dogs like Brodie the golden retriever in Lake Isabella not only helps his owner with daily tasks, but provides care and comfort, something he now needs. 

There isn't a place Jolynn Schoonover doesn't take Brodie, her service dog.

After a horse riding accident eight years ago she depends on Brodie more than ever.

He's needed quite a bit because if i dropped something, he'll retrieve it, if I transfer from my chair to chair, he helps.  He takes off my socks when i have them on, he helps take off my jacket and gloves.  He reaches in the dryer to pull out things and puts it in the basket. He does quite a bit," she said.

Brodie reminds Schoonover to take her medications and is trained to sense her emotions.  Over the years, they have become the best of friends.

"The best. If I go out that door, he's right behind me," she adds.

But recently, Schoonover has noticed something wrong.

"He’s normally real active and now he doesn’t run his ten miles anymore.  You can see in his eyes that's not feeling great," she said.

In the last three months he's gone from 98 to 71 pounds.  The owner has noticed blood in his stool and urine.   Without the financial resources she is unable to take him to get properly checked...and could end up losing her companion forever.

"I’ve tried this weekend to get some help from the vets, the local vets, but they said not until you have the money," she said.

Schoonover is turning to social media...hoping someone on Facebook can help provide Brodie with medical attention.

"I can see it in his eyes, his eyes are all droopy instead of perky, his smile is just about totally gone.  It's scary. It's very scary," she said.

Owners have set up a Facebook account for Brodie.  If you would like to help.  Brodie’s Facebook page is:


and his owner Jolynn Schoonover’s Facebook page is:


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