Disturbing message found on wall of school building

School authorities investigate at Mira Monte HS

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A disturbing message spray painted on a wall is now being investigated by the Kern High School District.  The message threatened a high school principal and his family.

Not only did the allege message say they were going to kill the school principal it also included names of the school leader's family members and home address.

Shekinah Bush says the alleged threat made on her high school principal Jaime Quinonez is a bit disturbing.

"All I know is that they tagged above the gym and it said I hate Mr. Quinonez and I'm going to kill him and they put his address," she said.

Students say the threat left on the wall listed the names of Quinones' wife and children.

 “That's kind of scary to think they know his address and they're saying they are going to kill him," said Bush.

Bush is convinced the suspect or suspects spray painted the threat overnight and it’s not the first time they've seen tagging around campus.

"They also tagged last week and they painted over it, but it didn't say anything like that," she said.

 Although the section where school leaders found the threat was blocked off.  Some students did manage to see the writings on the wall.

"I've seen it. Yeah that's pretty scary just to know there are people out there like that," said Richard Johnson, student at Mira Monte High School.

Richard Johnson spoke with his parents about the matter and says they're really concerned over the threat and the safety of other students.

“They're really scared, but I mean you can't really pull them out of school.  Just live in fear.  You face it one way or another," he said.

We're told workers at the school covered up the alleged threat.  They are investigating the incident.


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