Documents: Gun, blood found inside murder victim Todd Chance's car

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - New documents released by officials of the Kern County Sheriff's Office show new information about the murder investigation of Todd Chance.

Todd Chance was found dead in an orchard northwest of the Rosedale area, miles away from his car August 25.

Leslie Jenea Chance, principal of Fairview Elementary School, was arrested in connection to the murder on August 29, but released September 4.

The search warrant issued for Todd Chance's car detailed the KCSO's investigation into the murder.

The detective wrote that he spoke with Todd Chance's wife, Leslie Janea Chance, the morning that Todd Chance's body was found. Leslie Chance told the detective that Todd Chance was going to a gun show.

The warrant said that when the detectives found Todd Chance's car, there was a .38 caliber revolver with two spent shell casings inside the car. The serial number on the gun is 116534.

"We believe Todd Chance was shot inside his vehicle," the document said. "I believe any biological evidence found on the interior and/or exterior of the Todd Chance's vehicle, black 2011 Ford Mustang, California license plat #5ZGP185, would help identify the person(s) responsible for his death."

The warrant showed a detective took swabs, dirt and a possible blood sample from the car that belonged to Todd Chance. Detectives also took the front seat floor mat.

Another document shows that the Mustang has been impounded because the KSCO suspects it was stolen and has evidence that a felony was committed. The felonies may include murder and car jacking.

Leslie Jenea Chance is on paid administrative leave.


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