Documents on officer involved shooting at Camp Okihi in Bakersfield released

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Documents detailing what took place during an officer involved shooting at Camp Okihi were released today.

The documents included some interesting details on the shooting and the suspects involved.

As previously reported, three Kern County park rangers were investigating shots heard in the area of Camp Okihi on March 9.  They came across a white 1995 Chevy Tahoe.  The windows were fogged up and the engine turned off.

The plates came back as previously reported stolen to Bakersfield Police.

The two people in the Tahoe, originally supplied fake names, but are in fact Loretta Lynn Farris and Tony Lee Tennento.

The officers asked them to exit the car, Tennento instead turned it on, threw it in reverse towards the officers, making them feel that their lives were in danger.  They opened fire on the vehicle, 27 .40 Caliber casings were later collected, along with several other bullet fragments.

The Tahoe ran into a downed tree and came to a stop.  The rangers found both individuals shot, handcuffed them and performed first aid until an ambulance arrived and took Tennento and Farris to Kern Medical Center.

The documents 23ABC received today go on to say that the 27-year-old Tennento knew Farris for three weeks and he calls her his girlfriend.  Tennento said he bought the Tahoe for $300 down with $700 owed later, outside a good spot market.  They drove it to the park area to take some meth, which Tennento says he has been taking for three years.

When Tennento saw the officers, he said that he was so high he thought he could escape, threw the vehicle in reverse, didn't see the officers directly behind him and tried to drive off.  He licked the spoon he was using with the meth and threw it out the window.

Officers also spotted a tattoo on Tenneto that read 'Loretta', but he said that was referring to another woman, not Loretta Lynn Farris.

Farris was later found to have a felony warrant out for her arrest for escape.

Farris had originally given officers the name of Martha Martin on the night of the incident.  That woman is legally blind and has reported that she lost her social security card and Mastercard credit card in early February of this year.  She filed an identity theft report with BPD.

Now both Farris and Tennento are expected to be in court on April 5.

Tennento is facing two charges of assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a stolen vehicle.

He previously pleaded not guilty.

Farris also facing a charge of possession of a stolen vehicle.

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