Dog dumping growing problem in Kern County

Woman: I see 5-10 dogs a day


"He was laying in the trash waiting for its owner to come back and you see that all the time.  The poor little animals are looking at you like are you here to pick me up?"
Carol and Ron Pierce live along Breckinridge Road in East Bakersfield with their seven dogs.  Six of which they picked up on the side of the road, but their pets fortunate stories are overshadowed by the growing problem the Pierce family sees on a daily basis right outside their front door.
"We see as much carnage as we do live dogs, I probably see 5-10 dead dogs a day driving to and from work and it's heart-breaking.  One of the recent ones was a puppy."
The animal activists called 23ABC earlier this week after seeing a pitbull castaway on the side of the road--like so many other animals left starving and looking for the loving family they once had.
"I don't even know how to explain what it's like to drive down the road and see all these pets looking at you hoping that you'll pick them up or that you're the person that dropped them off."
23ABC spoke with Kern County Animal Control about the growing problem.

Officials said ditching your pet on the side of the road like this pitbull isn't just inhumane--it can land you behind bars.
"You need to remember that abandoning any animal is considered a misdemeanor and if the animal suffers or passes away due to the abandonement the animal owner can face more serious charges."
"If you do not contribute to society you're taking from it.  You're detracting from it and that's what the people who dump dogs do, they are brekaing down society."
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