Dog found in Arvin Animal Control truck same as dog picked up after hit by car

ARVIN, Calif. - After investigation, the dog in the truck was the same the worker had picked-up after it was hit by a car.

On Monday, March 4, an Arvin Animal Control officer was called in during off-duty hours to pick up an injured dog that was hit by a car.

Because of the severity of the dog's injuries, he contacted the on-call County Animal Control officer to help evaluate if the dog needed to be euthanized.

The dog in fact was euthanized because it was after hours.  The Arvin Animal Control officer took the dead dog back to Arvin with the intentions of doing a proper disposal at the County Pound the next day.

When the Arvin Animal Control officer arrived back at the Arvin Police Department, he was immediately arrested by Bakersfield Police Department on a case that they had been investigating.

The Arvin Animal Control officer neglected to advise anyone that he had the deceased animal in the truck.

On Thursday, March 14, City Maintenance Workers advised police that there was a possible dead animal inside the truck. Arrangements were made with the workers to take the animal to the county pound the next morning and properly dispose of it.

On Friday, March 15, at about 7:00 a.m., the city maintenance workers were preparing to take the dead dog to dispose of it properly, when an Arvin bus driver was told about the animal and contacted several news agencies.

There was only one dead dog in the truck, which maintenance had to unlock and examine. The dead dog was verified to be the same dog that was hit on March 4.  

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