Domestic abuse suspect makes court appearance

Accused to beating common law wife with bat

A local man appeared in court today confined to a wheelchair after more than a week in the hospital following a scuffle with deputies.

Lucas Webby shook his head as the judge read of the 19 charges he now faces.

Police reports show Webby allegedly beat his common law wife in front of her three children, punching her several times in the face and ribs.

The report also states she was kicked and hit with a metal baseball bat.

But county officials have not said how Webby was so badly injured during his arrest.

He arrived in the courtroom with what appeared to be a cast on his arm and leg.

23 ABC has put in a request for a jailhouse interview to hear Webby's side of the story.

He's currently being held on one million dollar bail and is scheduled to be back in court July 15th.

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