Dove hunting season opened in California, supplies for hunting were low going into the season

Bakersfield gun stores faced ammo shortage

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Hunters in Kern County may now start taking doves since the season opening Sunday, but going into the season Bakersfield gun stores faced an unusual problem. 

"I've been in this business for 29 dove seasons, so this is the first one that I didn't have any ammo," said Gene Thome, the owner of Bear Mountain Sports. 

It is not unusual to hear about semi and fully- automatic weapon ammo shortage, but Thome's store supplier ran out of shotgun shells to ship to him. Fortunately, just days before the start of the season, he got his pallets in. 
"This would have been the first time ever I wouldn't have had any ammo for dove season, I've never seen it this way," said Thome.
Berge Kirkorian, has a simple explains this shortage as a "gap" that was created by the demand for ammo. 

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, there is a bag limit of 10 for Mourning doves and White-Winged doves. There is no limit on Spotted Doves, Eurasian Collared Doves, and Ringed Turtle Doves.

Hunting licenses are $45.93 for residents and $159.58 for non-residents of California. Junior licenses, one-day licenses, and veteran licenses are available. 

CDFW said licenses are required for anyone who hunts, pursues, catches, captures, or kills, or attempts to hunt, pursue, catch, capture or kill birds or mammals.

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